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Morsi Supporters Block Salah Salem Road

Morsi supporters began rally outside Republican Guard headquarters following rumors of former president's house arrest. Military police and Central Security Forces (CSF) are attempting to reopen the Salah Salem road in Heliopolis, Cairo, after being blocked by thousands of Morsi supporters early Sunday. Nearly five ...  Read More »

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More Islamist Figures arrested

Egypt's Public Prosecution continues to issue arrest warrants for leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood and its political party on suspicion of inciting violence against protesters. At least thirty people were killed in clashes that followed a military order ousting former President Mohamed Morsi on 3 ...  Read More »

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Arish Gas Pipeline Bombed, Again

A gas pipeline to Jordan was bombed on Sunday, state TV reported, in an attack believed to be carried out by militants in the Sinai Peninsula. The blast took place near the North Sinai provincial capital of Arish, which has seen major disturbances since President Mohamed Morsi was deposed on 3 July. The Egyptian ...  Read More »

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Armed Forces Spokesman Denies Allegations of Military Defections

Rumors of soldiers defecting in protest of the ouster of former President Mohamed Morsi were denied by the spokesman of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) on Sunday. Members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been posting videos allegedly showing military defectors who opposed the armed forces' ...  Read More »

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ElBaradei or Not ElBaradei? Egypt Premiership Still Unassigned

Speculation was rife last night in Egypt as early news that Mohamed ElBaradei would be Egypt's interim premier was later refuted with suggestions that Salafists vetoed his appointment. “Consultations are still under way and the post of the prime minister is still vacant.” These were the words Ahmed El-Moslemani, the ...  Read More »

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Anti-Morsi Protests Planned for Sunday

30 June Front releases list of meeting points for demonstrations in support of army's ouster of president amid fears of violent showdown in streets with pro-Morsi rivals. The blueprint for nationwide rallies on Sunday by opponents of ousted president Mohamed Morsi has been announced by the 30 June Front, led by ...  Read More »

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Dissecting 'Opposing' Views: Morocco Reacts to Events in Egypt

As the situation continues to unfold in Egypt, the war of words among pundits on what to describe the ongoing events has made its way to the palace and parliament halls in Morocco. With countering press releases from the palace and the Party of Justice and Development (PJD)-led coalition government, the differing ...  Read More »

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Statement Against Closure of Islamist Media Channels and Arrest of Some of Its Staf

[The following statement was published by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies on 5 July 2013, and is signed onto by several Egyptian organizations.]     Closure of Islamist Media Channels and Arrest of Some of Its Staff: Clear Iiolation of Media Freedom   The undersigned organizations ...  Read More »

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سياسات الشارع والدوامة السلطوية الأخيرة

عكس حشد الجموع في العواصم والأقاليم المصرية يوم 30 يونيو، ذات الدرس الذي لم تتوقف الثورة المصرية عن تأكيده منذ يناير 2011، ألا وهو أهمية سياسات الشارع وأهمية ”القادمين الجدد“ للسياسة كطرف حاسم في صراعات إنهاء السلطوية. هكذا جسدت حركة ”تمرد“ تنوع الأحداث، وكانت أكثر مهارةً في استخدام آليات التفاوض السياسي عن سابقتها ...  Read More »

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Clashes Resume Outside Cairo, Dozens of Pro-Morsi Protesters Arrested

Street battles continue in several Egyptian governorates following president's ouster by military; dozens of pro-Morsi demonstrators arrested by security forces. Violent clashes reignited on Saturday afternoon between opponents and supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi – ousted earlier this week by the ...  Read More »

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'Revolution Not Coup': Anti-Morsi Egyptians Tell CNN

After CNN was quick to characterize recent military intervention ousting president Mohamed Morsi as 'coup,' Egyptians on social networking sites accuse leading TV channel of bias. Leading US television channel CNN has come under severe attack by Egyptians on social networking sites, accusing the channel of bias ...  Read More »

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اعترافات من الميدان

انتخبت مرشحاً إسلامياً في الجولتين الرئاسيتين. . . وهللت فرحاً حينما انتصر الحق وأعلن مرسي رئيساً للبلاد، لأننا كصحفيين كنا نحسب الأصوات بشكل مستقل، وكنا نعلم أن أكثرية الأصوات ذهبت إليه. تأخر إعلان النتيجة بدعوى فحص الطعون خمسة أيام لم أنم فيها. كنت كغيري من منتخبي مرسي من كل الأطياف، نخشى بعد أن تأخر إعلان النتيجة ...  Read More »

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Residents of Cairo's Manial District Mourn Victims of Friday Clashes

Clashes between supporters, opponents of president Morsi in capital's Manial district lead to death of twelve local residents. Thousands of mourners from Cairo's Manial district joined a mass funeral on Saturday afternoon for victims of Friday's clashes between residents and supporters of deposed president Mohamed ...  Read More »

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Egypt Premiership Still Vacant: Presidential Media Advisor

Presidential spokesman dismisses earlier reports that liberal politician Mohamed ElBaradei had taken up job as new prime minister. Newly-appointed presidential media advisor Ahmed El-Moslimany said late Saturday that Egypt's premiership was still vacant, dismissing earlier reports that liberal politician Mohamed ...  Read More »

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Mohamed ElBaradei Officially Appointed Egypt's New PM

Prominent Egyptian reform campaigner Mohamed ElBaradei is sworn in as Egypt's new premier following military's removal of elected president Mohamed Morsi. A presidential source said on Saturday evening that Mohamed ElBaradei, the general coordinator of the National Salvation Front, has already been assigned the post ...  Read More »

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Egypt's Morsi, Brotherhood Leaders to be Interrogated for ' 25th Jan Revolution Crimes'

Egypt's prosecutors to interrogate deposed president Mohamed Morsi, along with top Brotherhood figures, over killing of protesters and attacks on prisons during 2011 uprising. Egypt's prosecutor-general orders the questioning of deposed president Mohamed Morsi, along with top Brotherhood members on suspicions of a ...  Read More »

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Priest Killed in Sinai

Unknown militants killed a priest in north Sinai on Saturday, the state-run Middle East News Agency reported.  The thirty-nine year old priest, Mina Aboud, was walking in the street in a neighborhood south of Arish when he was shot. He had died as he was transferred to hospital.  On going violence has ...  Read More »

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My Conversation with the Devil: 30 June and Beyond (Part Two)

My previous article elaborately analyzed the crisis of the new/old regime in Egypt, now headed by the Muslim Brotherhood, and concluded that it is currently comprised of a fragile and tense coalition of authoritarian actors, a coalition that is being increasingly jeopardized by economic, social and political ...  Read More »

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My Conversation with the Devil: 30 June and Beyond (Part One)

The regime produced by last year’s SCAF-Muslim Brotherhood handoff never had a chance. It was dead at birth, crushed by the many burdens it inherited and smothered under the crises of the Mubarak state and its bloated, impotent institutions. The new regime was born to face everything Mubarak left unfinished, including ...  Read More »

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Egypt Monthly Edition on Jadaliyya (June 2013)

This is a monthly archive of pieces written by Jadaliyya contributors and editors on Egypt. It also includes material published on other platforms that editors deemed pertinent to post as they provide diverse depictions of Egypt-related topics. The pieces reflect the level of critical analysis and diversity that ...  Read More »

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Mansour In Reconciliation Efforts, Brotherhood Leaders Seek Safe Exit

Interim President Adly Mansour is holding consultations on reconciliation efforts aimed to end political polarisation in Egypt, a source who spoke recently with Mansour told Ahram Online. “He is meeting tomorrow (Saturday) with representatives of political parties and forces with an eye on drafting a roadmap for ...  Read More »

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Brotherhood Website Claims Army Divisions

The official Muslim Brotherhood Freedom and Justice website reported on Friday night that they have reports of divisions within the Republican Guards, some members of which want the reinstatement of deposed President Mohamed Morsi.  Morsi was deposed on Wednesday when the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces ...  Read More »

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Thirty Dead, Hundreds Injured In Clashes Throughout Egypt

Thirty were killed and 1076 were injured in clashes throughout the country between supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi and their opponents, the Ministry of Health told the state-run Middle East News Agency on Saturday.  In Cairo, there were three major fronts witnessing violent clashes, one near the ...  Read More »

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Morsi and the Army: The Illusive Power

[The following excerpts are taken from Gilbert Achcar’s recently published book The People Want: A Radical Exploration of the Arab Uprising, translated by G. M. Goshgarian (London: Saqi Books and Berkeley: University of California Press, 2013). The book will be featured in an upcoming NEWTON post. These selections ...  Read More »

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6th October Bridge: Army & Police Fail to Intervene in Clashes (Video)

This video from the Mosireen media collective is entitled "6th October Bridge - Army & Police Fail to Intervene in Clashes." It shows scenes from the Friday 5 July battle on 6th October Bridge between pro- and anti-Morsi protestors. It also highlights one pro-Morsi individual running and shooting at ...  Read More »

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UPDATED: Twelve Dead, Two Hundred Injured in Clashes Between Morsi Supporters and Opponents in Alexandria

Egyptian police and army attempt to break up clashes between supporters and opponents of ejected President Mohamed Morsi in Alexandria. At least twelve dead and two hundred injured in Alexandria clashes between opponents and supporters of ousted president Mohammed Morsi, MENA cites head of Alexandria Ambulance ...  Read More »

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Egypt's Rebel, NSF Urge Protesters to Protect Revolution as Clashes Erupt Near Cairo's Tahrir

Egypt's Rebel campaign and National Salvation Front warn of factions seeking foreign intervention in Egypt, call on people to stand against 'counter-revolution'. Clashes have taken place between opponents and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood near Cairo's Tahrir Square after anti-Morsi demonstrators quickly filled ...  Read More »

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Muslim Brotherhood's Second-Man El-Shater Arrested: Security Official

Muslim Brotherhood's deputy leader arrested late Friday as part of ongoing crackdown on group figures.  The Muslim Brotherhood’s Deputy Supreme Guide, Khairat El-Shater, was arrested late Friday along with his brother in Cairo’s Nasr City district. He is being held on charges of inciting violence. Shater, a ...  Read More »

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Brotherhood Guide: We Will Protect Morsi with Our Souls

The Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed Badie showed up on Friday afternoon at the Rabea al-Adawiya sit-in where Islamists have been camping to demand the return of deposed President Mohamed Morsi.  Badie addressed the thousands in the sit-in on a stage despite earlier news about his ...  Read More »

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Update: Clashes Erupt on 6th October Bridge

Clashes erupted between supporters of President Mohamed Morsi and their opponents on Friday evening at the 6th October Bridge near the state television building, Al-Ahram state-run daily reported.  There was no security at the site of the clashes. Meanwhile, army personnel and vehicles ...  Read More »

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Population   82,079,636
GDP  $497.8 billion
Unemployment   9%; Youth Unemployment (ages 15-24): 24.8%
Internet Users   20.136 million (2009)
Exchange Rate  5.6124 Egyptian pounds per US dollar
GDP Growth Rate  5.1%
Military Expenditures   3.4% of GDP (World Rank: 35)
Health Expenditures  6.4% of GDP (World Rank: 94)
Population Growth Rate  1.96%
Age Structure   0-14 years: 32.7%; 15-64 years: 62.8%; 65 years and over: 4.5%
Literacy   71.4%
Religious Demographics   Muslim (mostly Sunni) 90%; Coptic 9%; other Christian 1%

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