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The June Rebellion in Egypt

Despite two and a half years of revolutionary experience, the rebels of June had no plan for the day after Morsi, just as they had no plan after Mubarak. One activist eloquently conveyed to me a typical attitude: he joined the 30 June protests because he believed in harakat al-shari’, the dynamism of the street, which ...  Read More »

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Feminism(s), Secularism, and Religions: Encounter Interview with Jadaliyya Co-Editor Maya Mikdashi and Other Scholars/Activsts

The following episode of Encounter (hosted by David Rutlege) features interviews with Jadaliyya Co-Editor Maya Mikdashi, as well as Leila Ahmed, Ellen Armour, Jean Bethke Elshtain, Lisa Isherwood, and Ratna Osman--all of whom are feminist professors and/or activists. In "Beyond the Boundaries," they ...  Read More »

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Has the Ouster of President Morsi Preserved the Path to Democracy or Ended It? A Panel Discussion on Egypt

On 30 June, over 14 million Egyptians took to the street demanding that President Morsi step down and on 3 July, the Egyptian military forced him out and suspended the constitution. Morsi supporters call it a coup; his opponents call it revolution 2.0 – but what kind of revolution is it? Will the military return ...  Read More »

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Rights Groups Condemn Excessive Force Against Morsi Supporters

Human rights organizations have condemned the use of excessive force by the military and security forces against supporters of deposed president Mohamed Morsi. Fifty-one men died as a result of gunshot wound and hundreds were injured on Monday at the Republican Guards headquarters. Morsi supporters say that soldiers ...  Read More »

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HRW Criticizes New Immigration Policy

Human Rights Watch (HRW) criticized today Egypt’s change in immigration policy regarding Syrian refugees entering the country. On 8 July and without prior warning the Egyptian government introduced a new entry policy for Syrian nationals requiring them to obtain a visa and security clearance before arriving in ...  Read More »

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Prosecution Orders Arrest of Leading Brotherhood Members

Arrest warrants are issued for Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badei and other Islamist figures on charges of inciting deadly violence at Republican Guard protests. Egypt's general prosecution issues arrest warrants on Wednesday for the Muslim Brotherhood's Supreme Guide Mohamed Badei and nine Islamist figures, ...  Read More »

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حول ارتباك المشهد: طرح دولة ما بعد الاستقلال كأفق وحيد

نتحدث جميعاً كمحللين عن الحشود. نربطها مرةً بالثورة ومرة ثانية بالهستيريا،  ذات النزعة الفاشية، المؤججة بفعل الإعلام، للانتقام من حكم الإخوان الفاشل والإقصائي، مثل حشود جابرييل تارد الحانقة. ونهملها مراراً لتناقض مطالبها. مكتفين بتحليل أثر وجودها كقواعد شعبية مناصرة، سهلة الإنقياد لتمكين هذا أو ذاك القطب ...  Read More »

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They Want a Coup? Let’s Make a Revolution Out of It!

Watching Mohamed Fouad, the singer, open last Thursday’s trading session at the Cairo Stock Exchange was especially worrying. It came only a few hours after Egyptians had stayed up all night celebrating their partial, temporary victory. On the previous day, Egyptians had just managed to remove a president who was ...  Read More »

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Less Than a Warzone

  Media portrays post-Morsi Sinai as chaos, but on the ground, it does not appear so. Mohamed Soleiman is a resident of Masoura, a neighbourhood of Sinai’s border town of Rafah. Last Saturday at dawn, he was awoken by the sounds of shooting next to his house. When he stepped out, he hid in a deserted school to ...  Read More »

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The Killing of Islamist Protesters: State Censorship or Self-Censorship?

The recent violence at the Republican Guards headquarters has left the country reeling, media institutions included. As the latest development in a lengthy run of unprecedented events, tensions surrounding the incident — in which over fifty members of the Muslim Brotherhood were killed by army gunfire outside the ...  Read More »

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President has Promised Constitutional Addendum: Egypt's 6 April, Rebel

Youth groups say interim president has vowed to issue constitutional addendum 'soon' addressing their collective reservations. The Rebel campaign and the 6 April Youth Movement both stated on Tuesday that interim president Adly Mansour had listened to their reservations regarding Egypt's new constitutional ...  Read More »

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Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood Rejects New Constitutional Declaration

Embattled Muslim Brotherhood issues statement rejecting new constitutional declaration outlining upcoming transitional period, describes document as 'illegitimate'. Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood rejected a constitutional declaration issued by Egypt's interim President Adly Mansour on Monday laying down a political ...  Read More »

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الحرية بإيد الناس مش بالعسكر والحراس

[بيان] تحية لملايين المصريين الذين أسقطوا مرسي بتحركاتهم الباسلة وصمدوا في احتجاجاتهم ودافعوا عنها على مدار أسبوعين مؤكدين أن ثورة يناير لازالت عفية وقادرة على فرض إرادتها على أعدائها. مرة أخرى يتدخل الجيش في المشهد مرتكباً مجزرة دموية قتل فيها عشرات وأصاب مئات من الإسلاميين أثناء فض اعتصامهم أمام مقر الحرس ...  Read More »

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Egypt's Interim Constitutional Declaration Draws Criticisms

Some critics say the new declaration includes controversial articles from the suspended 2012 constitution. The constitutional declaration issued Monday night by interim president Adly Mansour has sparked opposition, with some calling for it to be amended before it comes into force when it is published in Egypt's ...  Read More »

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Egyptian Armed Forces Release Statement Hailing New Roadmap

Military says new roadmap put forth by constitutional declaration should leave all parties 'secure' and warns against attempts to obstruct it. The Egyptian armed forces released a statement on Tuesday hailing the new roadmap and the constitutional declaration issued by interim president Adly Mansour. The military is ...  Read More »

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Arab Aid Starts Flowing After Morsi’s Departure

Saudi Arabia has granted five billion dollars in aid to Egypt, consisting of a two billion dollars deposit with the Central Bank, two billion dollars in energy products and one billion dollars in cash, the Saudi finance minister Ibrahim Alassaf announced on Tuesday. The financial relieve comes after the Egyptian ...  Read More »

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Palestinians Denied Entry into Egypt

Activists on social media Tuesday have been circulating a document signed by the Foreign Airline Services and dated 8 July calling on employees working in passport control in Egyptian airports not to admit Palestinians arriving to Egypt — even if they have working visas.  The document is reportedly based on ...  Read More »

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Egyptian Foreign Ministry Cites Security Tensions for Limiting Syrians' Entry

Egypt still supports the Syrian revolution, according to the foreign ministry. Egypt's recent decision to require a mandatory visa for Syrians to enter the country came about due to the "temporary internal situation,” foreign ministry spokesman Badr Abdel-Atty said on Tuesday.  Cairo International Airport ...  Read More »

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BREAKING: Liberal Economist Hazem El-Beblawi Appointed New Egyptian PM

Interim president Adly Mansour appoints prominent liberal economist Hazem El-Beblawi to Egyptian premiership, presidential spokesman announces Tuesday Egyptian presidential spokesman Ahmed El-Moslamany has announced that interim president Adly Mansour has assigned prominent liberal economist Hazem El-Beblawi to the ...  Read More »

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Sectarian Violence on the Rise

Despite ongoing appeals by political and religious figures regarding the "sanctity of blood," sectarian violence has seen a sharp rise since June 30, a day of mass protest against the rule of former President Mohamed Morsi. Incidents are increasingly occurring throughout the nation’s governorates. News of ...  Read More »

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Rebel Campaign Says Constitutional Decree Was a 'Surprise'

Mahmoud Badr, spokesperson of the ‘Rebel’ (Tamarod) movement, has said that the group was “surprised” by the presidency’s constitutional decree.  The group, which spearheaded the 30 June protests that toppled former president Mohamed Morsi, was reportedly unaware of the contents of the 33-article decree that was ...  Read More »

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Greek Translation of Jadaliyya's 'Obsessed with Turkish Models in Egypt'

[This article was originally written by Hesham Sallam and published jointly by Jadaliyya and Mada Masr in English. It was translated into Greek by Ariadne Alavanou and published by aristerOvima.] Η εμμονή με το ...  Read More »

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Muslim Brotherhood Reiterates Call for Morsi Return

The Muslim Brotherhood reiterated on Monday its opposition to the army's recent intervention into the political arena following the removal of former president Mohamed Morsi from his post last week. In a statement issued Monday, the Muslim Brotherhood called for Morsi's reinstatement and said the Shura Council, the ...  Read More »

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Protesters Recount Bloody Scenes at Republican Guard Clashes

There were tense scenes at the pro-Morsi sit-in in Cairo's Nasr City on Monday afternoon as the army increased its security presence and the injured continued to be treated in makeshift field hospitals near Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque. Clashes between protesters and security forces at the nearby Republican Guard ...  Read More »

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Egypt’s Constitutional Declaration Issued, Defines Transitional Period

Egypt’s interim president Adly Mansour has issued the anticipated constitutional declaration that will remain effective until the end of the ongoing transitional period, which will last for least six months according to the declaration. The transitional period has started upon issuing of the constitutional ...  Read More »

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Solemn Mourning, Angry Defiance at Rabea Sit-In

On Monday afternoon, supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi set up barricades around Tayaran Street, which lies between the Rabea al-Adaweya Mosque sit-in and the Republican Guards headquarters, which only earlier that morning had been the scene of horrific violence.  Starting around 4 am Monday ...  Read More »

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Egypt Media Roundup (July 8)

[This is a roundup of news articles and other materials circulating on Egypt and reflects a wide variety of opinions. It does not reflect the views of the Egypt Page Editors or of Jadaliyya. You may send your own recommendations for inclusion in each week's roundup to by Sunday night of every ...  Read More »

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الميادين لا تشرب الشاي بالياسمين

من  يصنع  السياسة  في  مصر فى هذه الأوقات الحاسمة؟  سؤال  تحدد  إجابته  الكثير. هناك منظور قديم جديد يرى السياسة حكراً على دوائر السلطة العليا، ومن يخطط لها وعليها، ومن يقترب منها ومن يتم إقصاؤه منها. لا يكترث أصحاب هذا المنظور بغير ما يحدث في كواليس الدولة والنخب السياسية ...  Read More »

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Update: Fifty-One Killed in Clashes at Republican Guards Headquarters

At least fifty-one people were killed in clashes between supporters of deposed President Mohamed Morsi and the Armed Forces around the Republican Guards headquarters early Monday morning, the Ministry of Health reported. More than four hundred thirty-five were also injured in the violence, the ministry said. The ...  Read More »

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Crackdown on Islamists Revived After Deadly Clashes

Following deadly clashes that broke out early Monday morning between the military and Muslim Brotherhood supporters in front of the Republic Guard headquarters, killing dozens, Islamists are once again the target of sweeping arrests. News outlets reported today that Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson Ahmed Aref and six ...  Read More »

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Egypt Elections Watch Update

A Jadaliyya and Ahram Online Initiative

As part of the Egypt Elections Watch (EEW), Jadaliyya and Ahram Online, with the Center of Contemporary Arab Studies (Georgetown University) and the Middle East Studies Program (George Mason University) as co-sponsors, will produce articles/posts/profiles on a weekly basis, covering organizations, political parties, coalitions, relevant laws and procedures, and profiles of key individuals related to the Egyptian elections. This is in addition to news updates summarizing major developments surrounding the lead-up to the election, such as emerging or shifting alliances, new political positions, and candidacy announcements. If you have questions, comments, contributions, and/or an eye-witness account, please email us at: For a listing of EEW’s team members please click here.


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Population   82,079,636
GDP  $497.8 billion
Unemployment   9%; Youth Unemployment (ages 15-24): 24.8%
Internet Users   20.136 million (2009)
Exchange Rate  5.6124 Egyptian pounds per US dollar
GDP Growth Rate  5.1%
Military Expenditures   3.4% of GDP (World Rank: 35)
Health Expenditures  6.4% of GDP (World Rank: 94)
Population Growth Rate  1.96%
Age Structure   0-14 years: 32.7%; 15-64 years: 62.8%; 65 years and over: 4.5%
Literacy   71.4%
Religious Demographics   Muslim (mostly Sunni) 90%; Coptic 9%; other Christian 1%

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