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The Diaspora, Debt, and Dollarization: Unraveling Lebanon’s Resilience to a Sovereign Debt Crisis

There are no official statistics on the numbers of Lebanese who have emigrated and are working abroad, nor on the immense sums of money they transfer to their home country. According to World Bank estimates, remittances comprised between fifteen and twenty percent of Lebanon’s gross domestic product over the past five ...  Read More »

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عن العمارة ونهاياتها

”قد تدوم أساسات مبنى لألف عام، بينما يستوجب تغيير هيكل السطح بعد ألف شهر. وقد تدوم التمديدات الصحية لألف أسبوع، والدهان الخارجي لألف يوم، واللمبة لألف ساعة. يجب أن تُفهم المباني من خلال مقاييس زمنية مختلفة تتغير أثناءها“.1 لطالما كانت العمارة أداة فعالة في تشكيل حقائق على أرض الواقع، وفي مساعدة مختلف البرامج السياسية ...  Read More »

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كُلفة العنف: المُكوّن الاجتماعيّ للحركات الإسلامية في مصر

شهدت مصر في الآونة الأخيرة  تصاعداً غير مسبوق في أحداث العنف المادي المتبادل، فمجازر الدولة تجاه الإسلاميين بشكل خاص والاعتقالات العشوائية لما يزيد عن أربعين ألف شخص حسب التقارير، والممارسات السلطوية ضد كافة خصوم النظام المصري الحالي، والحملات الأمنية الشرسة التي بلغت ذروتها بتهجير مئات الأسر وتدمير آلاف ...  Read More »

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كيف يمكن للقدس الصمود؟

منذ سنوات، دأب أحد الأقارب من أبناء القدس الأصيلين يحذّرني من أنّ المخططات الإسرائيلية للاستيلاء على الحرم الشريف جاهزة بل قيد التنفيذ، وسيتم تحويل ساحاته إلى "حديقة وطنية" ترتبط بالمساحات الاستيطانية اليهودية المقامة في شرق المدينة المقدسة (حيث ستقام "الحديقة التوراتية")، بواسطة فتح "باب ...  Read More »

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New Texts Out Now: Robert Saliba, Urban Design in the Arab World: Reconceptualizing Boundaries

Robert Saliba, editor, Urban Design in the Arab World: Reconceptualizing Boundaries. London: Ashgate, 2015. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Robert Saliba (RS): The idea for this book was initiated in the wake of City Debates 2012, an international conference on contemporary urban issues that I ...  Read More »

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Political Economy of the Middle East: Continuities & Discontinuities in Teaching & Research (Event at GMU)

Political Economy of the Middle East:  Continuities & Discontinuities in Teaching & Research Friday 6 November, 2015 3 pm - 6 pm Merten Hall 1202 GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY Pizza and Refreshments Served      S C H E D U L E  Panel 1: Field Research  : :  3 ...  Read More »

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الإسكندرية كمان وكمان

يذكّر اسم مدينة الإسكندرية المصرية خارج الشرق الأوسط بصور منارة المدينة، التي هي إحدى عجائب العالم القديم السبع، أو بمكتبة الإسكندرية القديمة. وترمز كلٌّ من المنارة والمكتبة إلى عصر ذهبيٍّ للثقافة والمعرفة. وإذا ما وضعنا الصرحين التاريخيين جانباً، نرى أن الغرب نظر إلى هذه المدينة الساحلية كواحة للتسامح الديني والثقافي ...  Read More »

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New Texts Out Now: Joris Luyendijk, Swimming with Sharks: My Journey into the World of the Bankers

Joris Luyendijk, Swimming with Sharks: My Journey into the World of the Bankers. London: Faber & Faber, 2015. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Joris Luyendijk (JL): I wanted to know how bankers can live with themselves. I was a complete outsider to finance when the Guardian approached me in 2011 to ...  Read More »

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Political Economy Workshop for Graduate Students/Researchers: Call for Letters of Interest

Dear Researchers, We are writing to solicit Letters of Interest (LI) from doctoral students and other researchers for a workshop to be held in Spring or Summer 2016 on the political economy of the Middle East [Date and Time TBA]. The aim of the workshop is to connect doctoral students and researchers with ...  Read More »

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ذهب السودان بعد نفطه: لمن؟

تتجه أنظار السودانيين الى فبراير/شباط المقبل لمعرفة امكانية تحقيق الوعود التي أطلقها وزير المعادن الشاب، أحمد الصادق الكاروري، ببدء الإنتاج الحكومي من الذهب بمشاركة روسية. ففي أواخر يوليو/تموز المنصرم، أعلن عن التوقيع على عقد بين الوزارة والشركة الروسية "سيبريا" بحضور الرئيس عمر البشير شخصياً، مما يشير إلى ...  Read More »

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Quick Thoughts on Sanctions and Elite Factionalization in Syria: A STATUS/الوضع Conversation with Samer Abboud

In this Quick Thoughts conversation for Status/الوضع, Samer Abboud outlines the impact of sanctions on the rise of social actors in Syria who facilitate transactions as intermediaries and assist in providing access to parts of the country afflicted with conflict. As producers and distributors, ...  Read More »

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LCPS Interviews Jadaliyya Co-Editor Ziad Abu-Rish on Electricity in Early Independence Lebanon

In the following interview with the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS), Jadaliyya Co-Editor Ziad Abu-Rish discusses the history of electricty in Beirut during the early independence period, and some of the legacies and insights of the period. The interview was conducted over email, ...  Read More »

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NPR's 'Here and Now' Interviews Jadaliyya Co-Editor Rosie Bsheer About Redevelopment in Mecca

In this interview with NPR's Here and Now, Jadaliyya Co-Editor Rosie Bsheer discusses urban redevelopment in Mecca following the tragic stampede that killed over 700 pilgrims in Mecca on 24 September 2015. Bsheer explains the political and economic motivations behind the nature of redevelopment there ...  Read More »

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What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Political Economy?

Mandy Turner and Omar Shweiki, editors, Decolonizing Palestinian Political Economy: De-Development and Beyond. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014. Anyone who visited Ramallah in 2013 would have heard a lot of talk about seatbelts. Everyone there—everyone—was talking about them, and how consistent and prevalent they had ...  Read More »

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Ekumenopolis ve Otesi: Imre Azem ile bir STATUS/الوضع Soylesisi

Ekümenopolis ve Ötesi: İmre Azem ile bir STATUS/الوضع Söyleşisi Bu röportajda kent antropoloğu Duygu Parmaksızoğlu, Ekümenopolis filminin yönetmeni İmre Azem ile kentsel dönüşüm ve son filmi Yeniden İnşa Çağı konusunda söyleşiyor. Azem bu filminde küresel sermayenin kentleri nasıl şekillendirdiğini ele ...  Read More »

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How Did Social Insurance in Egypt Become a Problem Rather Than a Solution?

On 31 March 2015, Egypt’s Minister of Transitional Justice announced that the committee for legislative reform was working on a draft decision to amend some provisions of the laws currently regulating social insurance. Not much attention was paid to this announcement, in which plenty of other projects were mentioned. ...  Read More »

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The Property Regime: Mecca and the Politics of Redevelopment in Saudi Arabia

The 1990 Gulf War was a watershed in the history of the modern Middle East, one that altered the political economies of the region as well as state-society relations therein. In Saudi Arabia, the anti-regime popular mobilizations that had emerged during the war, coupled with the post-war global economic recession, ...  Read More »

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Garbage Crisis Exposes Arrogance and Conflict Among the Political Elite of Lebanon

The government just does not seem to get it. Protests that kicked off in Lebanon a few weeks ago are no longer about the garbage crisis. They are fundamentally about the failure of successive Lebanese governments to provide basic services for citizens. They are about corruption associated with managing public ...  Read More »

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Trade Unions and Dictatorship in Egypt

Between 6 and 14 July 2015 Brecht De Smet and Seppe Malfait organized an intensive summer school in the Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo (NVIC), which took “Bread, Freedom and Social Justice” as its central theme. Some twenty-five Egyptian and foreign students from different disciplines and walks of life ...  Read More »

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المجاري في مائة عام: تتبع آثار شبكة الصرف الصحي التاريخية لمدينة القاهرة

مرت بهدوء متوقع في مارس الماضي مئوية مشروع أثر كثيراً على حياة القاهريين، ألا وهو مشروع الصرف الصحي لمدينة القاهرة، والذي تم افتتاحة في 22 مارس 1915. يتتبع هذا المقال المصور شبكة مجاري القاهرة ويلقي الضوء على تاريخها كما يتجول بصرياً بين بقاياها التي ترجع إلى عام 1915. يكشف المشروع الذي خططه وأشرف على تنفيذه المهندس ...  Read More »

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المشهد الاقتصادي في حيفا قبل سقوطها

منذ حوالى منتصف القرن التاسع عشر بدأت فلسطين تشهد، كبقية بلدان حوض البحر المتوسط الشرقي، تحولاً اقتصادياً كبيراً. فقد ازدادت العلاقات التجارية مع بلدان أوربا الغربية، التي ساهم فيها استخدام البخار لتسيير السفن مما جعل التجارة عن طريق البحر أسرع وأقل تكلفة. وساهم تطبيق النظم الإدارية العثمانية الجديدة، التنظيمات، ...  Read More »

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Beirut Event -- Lebanon in the 1940s and 1950s: A Panel Discussion (28 July 2015)

Join us in Beirut for a panel of presentations dealing with state formation, public institutions, and social mobilizations in the first fifteen years since the formal end of the French of mandate in 1943. This event is the public component of a two-day research workshop on the early independence period of Lebanon. ...  Read More »

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مدينة الرقة السورية: من المدنية إلى مستقبل مجهول

منازل الدنيا أربعة (دمشق والرقّة والري وسمرقند)، هذا ما قاله الخليفة العباسي هارون الرشيد، أما الرقّة فهي محافظة في شمال شرق سورية تقع على ضفاف نهر الفرات، وفيها يلتقي رافده نهر البليخ، وفي اللغة العربية يعني اسمها الأرض الملساء التي يغمرها الماء ثم ينحسر عنها. أصبحت الرقة محافظة مستقلة عن دير الزور في ستينيات القرن ...  Read More »

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Iran’s Nuclear Deal and the Day After: An Interview with Kamran Matin

For more than a week, diplomats from Iran and six world powers have gathered in Vienna’s Coburg Palace to finalize a historic deal on Iran’s nuclear program.   The officials from Iran and the US have told reporters  “we are making good progress on almost all of the issues..But there are a few issues which ...  Read More »

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Breaking the Myths of Power: The Struggles of the Haitians, Algerians, and Greeks

What do the struggles of the Greek people have in common with those of the Haitian slaves at the end of the eighteenth century or those of the Algerians in the middle of the twentieth century? Of course, these struggles are incomparable in many ways, but there is one important parallel that can be drawn. Both moments ...  Read More »

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Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism: Profiting Israel, Entrenching the Blockade

Israel’s eight-year, ongoing closure of the Gaza Strip maintains a protracted humanitarian crisis and prevents access to fundamental rights and freedoms of the population of almost two million Palestinians. The International Committee of the Red Cross and the UN Commission of Inquiry on the 2014 Gaza Conflict, have ...  Read More »

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The Limits of Humanitarianism

The prose of collapse increasingly punctuates reports and communiques concerned with the well-being of the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. As early as 2006, as the Israeli siege slowly settled into place, reports cautioned of the collapse of the health system. On 4 January 2009, the Israeli human rights organization ...  Read More »

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Rebuilding Gaza Needs Freedom and Normality – Not Just Aid

In the near three decades that I have been involved with Gaza and her people, I have never seen the kind of physical and psychological destruction that I see there today. In all Gaza’s long and tormented history, there is no precedent for its extraordinarily dangerous position in 2014. The situation is dangerous not ...  Read More »

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المال ليس كل شيء: إعادة النظر في الاقتصاد العسكري في مصر

شهدت مصر توسّعاً واضحاً في النشاط الاقتصادي للجيش في أعقاب إطاحة القوات المسلحة المصرية بالرئيس الإخواني محمد مرسي في يوليو 2013،  والذي تلاه ترجمة سيطرة  الجيش على المشهد السياسي إلى صعود عبد الفتاح السيسي إلى مقعد الرئاسة في يونيو 2014. وقد حدا هذا بالكثير من المتابعين إلى اعتبار أن الجيش بصدد استخدام ...  Read More »

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More than Money on their Minds: The Generals and the Economy in Egypt Revisited

Following the July 2013 power takeover by Defense Minister and later President Abdul-Fattah al-Sisi, the economic activities of the Egyptian military have been reportedly on the rise. For many, that trend only meant that the military under Sisi was preparing to do what it has long done under previous leaders, namely ...  Read More »

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A Jadaliyya and Ahram Online Initiative

As part of the Egypt Elections Watch (EEW), Jadaliyya and Ahram Online, with the Center of Contemporary Arab Studies (Georgetown University) and the Middle East Studies Program (George Mason University) as co-sponsors, will produce articles/posts/profiles on a weekly basis, covering organizations, political parties, coalitions, relevant laws and procedures, and profiles of key individuals related to the Egyptian elections. This is in addition to news updates summarizing major developments surrounding the lead-up to the election, such as emerging or shifting alliances, new political positions, and candidacy announcements. If you have questions, comments, contributions, and/or an eye-witness account, please email us at: For a listing of EEW’s team members please click here.


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Population   82,079,636
GDP  $497.8 billion
Unemployment   9%; Youth Unemployment (ages 15-24): 24.8%
Internet Users   20.136 million (2009)
Exchange Rate  5.6124 Egyptian pounds per US dollar
GDP Growth Rate  5.1%
Military Expenditures   3.4% of GDP (World Rank: 35)
Health Expenditures  6.4% of GDP (World Rank: 94)
Population Growth Rate  1.96%
Age Structure   0-14 years: 32.7%; 15-64 years: 62.8%; 65 years and over: 4.5%
Literacy   71.4%
Religious Demographics   Muslim (mostly Sunni) 90%; Coptic 9%; other Christian 1%

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