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Un éclairage inédit sur l’histoire moderne de la ville de Bagdad

Caecilia Pieri, Bagdad. La construction d’une capitale moderne (1914-1960) (Beyrouth: Presses de l’Ifpo, 2015) (sur le site de l’éditeur). A travers cet ouvrage Caecilia Pieri apporte un éclairage inédit sur l’histoire urbaine de la ville de Bagdad dans la première moitié du XXe siècle. Ce travail inscrit Bagdad ...  Read More »

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Baghdad through Latif al-Ani's Lens

Latif al-Ani, born in 1932 in Baghdad, was a member of the photography unit at the Iraq Petroleum Company (IPC) between 1954 and 1960. His photographs were frequently published in the IPC publication Ahl el-Naft (People of Oil). In 1960 he went on to found the photography department at the Iraqi Ministry of Culture ...  Read More »

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Exit ISIS, Stage Left: Fighting for Laughs in Mosul and Beyond

The State of Myth has lowered its curtains. The state-sponsored Iraqi television series, which introduced itself to the world with a musical trailer featuring the marriage of the devil to an Israeli bride whose offspring hatched in the form of a miniature Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, took audiences by storm when it launched ...  Read More »

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New Texts Out Now: Caecilia Pieri, Bagdad. La construction d'une capitale moderne, 1914-1960

Caecilia Pieri, Bagdad. La construction d'une capitale moderne, 1914-1960. Beyrouth : Presses de l’Ifpo, 2015. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Caecilia Pieri (CP): Having seized an opportunity to go to Baghdad in June 2003,[1] I unexpectedly discovered an interesting modern vernacular ...  Read More »

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Four Poems by Mahmud Al-Braykan

Four Poems Mahmud al-Braykan  Tr. Sinan Antoon   Behind the Glass The sound is inaudible inside But the scene is clear through the window A man and a child The man is tired and troubled His hair almost gray The child, less than ten, stands, stone-faced gazing at a fixed point The man speaks ...  Read More »

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Humanism and Its Others

Who could possibly be against humanism? Wouldn’t this be tantamount to being against humanity—that is, being against oneself? This all depends, of course, on whether you have had the chance to count among those who are considered to be “human” in the first place—or, to put it in the terms of contemporary protests in ...  Read More »

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دفاعا عن صحيفة العالم الجديد العراقية

  نص البيان الذي تلته اليوم المنظمات والنقابات المدافعة عن حرية الصحافة، اثر تهديدات هيئة الاعلام والاتصالات بحق صحيفة ”العالم الجديد“ الالكترونية. مايلي: التاريخ : 29/02/2016 تعرب المؤسسات الحقوقية والصحفية الموقعة أدناه عن إدانتها للتهديدات بالحجب والملاحقة التي تعرضت لها صحيفة "العالم الجديد" ...  Read More »

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Abed Al Kadiri: Ashes to the Sea

The escalation of mass migrant movement from war-torn regions in Africa, Asia, and the Levant towards Europe since 2014, has become a disaster of epic proportions, a catastrophic movement of humanity on a scale not seen since World War II. Precipitated by the collapse of societies in Libya, Iraq, and Syria, the rise ...  Read More »

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إله الصدفة رواية الإنسان المستلب في المجتمع الرأسماليّ

”إله الصدفة“ رواية الإنسان المستلب في المجتمع الرأسماليّ بعد الإنتهاء من قراءة رواية "إله الصدفة" للروائية الدنماركية كريستن تورب، ترجمة: دنى غالي، تذكرت " مارتن" جاري الدنماركيّ الذي لا ألتقيه إلاّ صدفة في السوبرماركت القريب من منزلنا. فما أن نتبادل التحية وأسأله عن أحواله، حتّى يقول إنه (يعمل ...  Read More »

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New Texts Out Now: Eckart Woertz, Oil for Food: The Global Food Crisis and the Middle East

Eckart Woertz, Oil for Food: The Global Food Crisis and the Middle East. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013, paperback edition 2015. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this book? Eckart Woertz (EW): In 2007-08, at the height of the global food crisis, I was living in Dubai, working for the Gulf ...  Read More »

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 "وحيداً، كغُصنٍ مكسورْ .. واشتاقَ للطيورْ .. !!" لم يرني أحد أنا المصلوب فوق أعمدة النور النائمة .. أنا، شريدُ الليالي القاتمة ... لم يسمع صوتي أحد فأنا الوحيد المحاط بكلّ الراحلين .. لم يقتربْ منّي أحد فثيابي لا جيوبَ فيها أنا الجثةُ التي تجوب البلادَ بحثاً عن بلاد أنا المنفي ...  Read More »

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Resisting Amnesia: Twenty Five Years After the Al Amiriyah Attack

On 13 February 1991, the United States Air Force deliberately targeted the Al Amiriyah bomb shelter in Baghdad, killing 408 civilians, mostly women and children. It was a brazen act of terror that has left permanent scars on Iraqi society. The Iraqi Transnational Collective issued a statement commemorating the ...  Read More »

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الحرب على ذاكرة الحداثة: داعش مثالاً

              17 اُذْكُرْ مَا فَعَلهُ بِكَ عَمَالِيقُ فِي الطَّرِيقِ عِنْدَ خُرُوجِكَ مِنْ مِصْرَ. 18 كَيْفَ لاقَاكَ فِي الطَّرِيقِ وَقَطَعَ مِنْ مُؤَخَّرِكَ كُل المُسْتَضْعِفِينَ وَرَاءَكَ وَأَنْتَ كَلِيلٌ وَمُتْعَبٌ وَلمْ يَخَفِ اللهَ. 19 فَمَتَى أَرَاحَكَ الرَّبُّ ...  Read More »

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Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here DC2016 Event (7 February, George Mason University)

Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here DC 2016 presents a series of films from Iraq and the Arab and Muslim worlds with follow-up conversations. The films and discussions will explore freedom of expression, restoring identity from destruction/abandonment, and conveying how literature and daily life in Iraq give hope and ...  Read More »

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New Texts Out Now: Haytham Bahoora, Writing the Dismembered Nation: The Aesthetics of Horror in Iraqi Narratives of War

Haytham Bahoora, “Writing the Dismembered Nation: The Aesthetics of Horror in Iraqi Narratives of War,” in Arab Studies Journal (Vol. XXIII No. 1), Fall 2015: 184-209. Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this article? Haytham Bahoora (HB): The article came out of a conference at Haverford College, organized by ...  Read More »

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New Texts Out Now: Ella Shohat, The Question of Judeo-Arabic

Ella Shohat, “The Question of Judeo-Arabic,” Opening Essay for Arab Studies Journal Vol. XXIII No. 1 (Fall 2015). Jadaliyya (J): What made you write this article? Ella Shohat (ES): This essay revolves around a very personal question for me—the name of the language I spoke with my grandparents and parents. ...  Read More »

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مؤتمر الرواية العراقية: كيف تصنع حدثاً ثقافياً مهماً؟

من بإمكانه، الآن، أن يصدق أن أوراقاً، قليلة أو كثيرة، كان يمكن أن تنقذ مؤتمر الرواية العراقية الأخير "المنعقد في قاعة فندق بغداد بتاريخ 14 - 15 من الشهر الجاري"! الشاعر العراقي "ريسان الخزعلي" كان قد تحدث على صفحته في "الفيس" عن هذا الأمر، قائلاً إن " الأمر لا يكلّف سوى نصف بند ...  Read More »

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ISIS: The 'Islamic State' between Orientalism and the Interiority of MENA’s Intellectuals

Is ISIS all about Islam, or about geopolitics? This dualism has framed the debate about ISIS among Western analysts, especially American ones. They have formed two camps, one sees in ISIS and its practices an irrefutable evidence of the “true face of Islam”; another insists that ISIS has nothing to do with “real ...  Read More »

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نمر النمر أكثر من رجل دين شيعي

الشيخ المعارض نمر النمر كرر على المنابر ضرورة الالتزام بسلمية التظاهر، وشدّد على نزع أي بُعدٍ مذهبي عن المطالب المحقة لسكان المناطق الشرقية في السعودية، وعلى ضرورة إعطائهم بعضاً من حقوقهم. ولم يتردد يوماً في القول بأن الظلم هو نفسه سواء مورس من قبل الشيعة أو السنة، ومن ناصر ظالماً فما هو إلا بظالم، ولعل خطبته الشهيرة ...  Read More »

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Conflicting Narratives: War, Trauma, and Memory in Iraqi Culture

Stephan Milich, Friederike Pannewick, and Leslie Tramontini, editors, Conflicting Narratives: War, Trauma, and Memory in Iraqi Culture. Wiesbaden: Reichert Verlag, 2012. [This review was originally published in the most recent issue of Arab Studies Journal. For more information on the issue, or to subscribe to ASJ, ...  Read More »

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Saddam Hussein’s Ba’th Party: Inside an Authoritarian Regime

Joseph Sassoon, Saddam Hussein’s Ba‘th Party: Inside an Authoritarian Regime. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2012. [This review was originally published in the most recent issue of Arab Studies Journal. For more information on the issue, or to subscribe to ASJ, click here.] Despite the attention that Iraq has ...  Read More »

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الغالبية الساحقة من الكاشانيّات يولدن في كاشان، بالطبع. لكن «كاشان» التي أتحدّث عنها هنا بغداديّة الروح والجسد. ولدت في بغداد في سجن النساء في أواخر الأربعينيّات. لم تكن ولادتها عسيرة لكنها كانت بطيئة، استغرقت شهوراً طويلة. ركعت أمها فيها أمامها كل صباح، بصبر من نذرت نفسها لصلاة لا تنتهي. ركعت تسحبها بيدين متعبتين ...  Read More »

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Iraqi Odyssey in NYC

Iraqi Odyssey: A Global Family Saga by Samir Monday, November 30, 6:00 p.m. The Iris and Gerald B. Cantor Center, 36 E. 8th Street, Theater 101 Tracing the emigrations of his family over more than half a century, this riveting documentary epic from acclaimed expatriate Iraqi filmmaker Samir pays moving homage to ...  Read More »

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الجلبي، عبد الرزاق عبد الواحد: سجال ما بعد الديكتاتور

‫مات الجلبي فقامت الدنيا ولم تقعد حتى الآن، وبعده، بالصدفة، أو بحكم القدر، مات عبد الرزاق عبد الواحد. ولا أدري أهي مصادفة أن يجمع القدر بين موتين متنافرين حد البغضاء، كما لو أن العراقيين على موعد دائماً مع التباغض والتنافر حتى في تقييم موتاهم؟ في قصة الجلبي إثارة خاصة؛ فالرجل الثري المتعافي حد التخمة كان قد أغلق باب ...  Read More »

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New Wars and Autonomous Self-Defense

A number of scholars working in the fields of geography, sociology, and political science have developed the concept of “new wars” to talk about the state we are living in the last two decades.[1] These scholars claim that currently, we are going through a fourth world war—that is, of course, if we would call the cold ...  Read More »

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أسعد الجبوري: قصائد

              أفراخُ الدموع زوجي الذي ذهبَ مع عاصفة الأرجوان في مدنِ الهلاك. وغابَ بقبرهِ ثملاً بمختلف الأسلحةِ والقذائف . لم تتركه الحربُ نائماً هناك.. حتى رَشّحَتْ (واسطة العقد) لعضوية الخنادق. وها أراهُ ولدي مسجىً بجنازة الريح، وتتبعهُ دموعٌ لم يبق منها سوى ...  Read More »

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Misprints: An Interview with Paul Qaysi

The beginnings of this conversation took place over a year ago when I met Paul during my Architecture of Memory exhibit at the Middle East Center for the Arts at MANA Contemporary in New Jersey. Paul came out to see the exhibit and we spent a long time talking about our works, shared experiences, and ...  Read More »

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A Spatial History of a Main Baghdadi Street

“The sidewalk was like a mirror Now, a sanitation worker collects the bodies of dead people […] My memories died yesterday But a tree smiling in Abu Nuwas has enlivened them” – Iraqi poet Fadhil Abbas.  This essay examines the ways in which the political circumstances of post-invasion Iraq ...  Read More »

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مقابلة مع الشاعرة العراقية لميعة عباس عمارة

"قد لا أكون شاعرة كبيرة ولكني لم أكن يوماً إنسانة صغيرة" الشاعرة لميعة عباس عمارة تستعيد مسيرتها الشعرية ومحطات مهمة في تاريخ العراق الأدبي والسياسي والاجتماعي اتسم شعر لميعة عباس عمارة بجرأة ورومانسية مرهفة، ولغة محكمة التراكيب والمفردات،  مما جعلها تحتل مكانة في خارطة الشعر العربي كإحدى أهم ...  Read More »

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Abed Al Kadiri: New Blood

 “I fear […] new blood.” (Ounsi El-Hajj, “Lann,” 1960) Several art historians and philosophers of aesthetics distinguish between two distinct periods, “the age of taste” and “the age of emotion,” the former referring to a time before the development of aesthetics at the hands of Immanuel Kant (d. 1804). ...  Read More »

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Egypt Elections Watch Update

A Jadaliyya and Ahram Online Initiative

As part of the Egypt Elections Watch (EEW), Jadaliyya and Ahram Online, with the Center of Contemporary Arab Studies (Georgetown University) and the Middle East Studies Program (George Mason University) as co-sponsors, will produce articles/posts/profiles on a weekly basis, covering organizations, political parties, coalitions, relevant laws and procedures, and profiles of key individuals related to the Egyptian elections. This is in addition to news updates summarizing major developments surrounding the lead-up to the election, such as emerging or shifting alliances, new political positions, and candidacy announcements. If you have questions, comments, contributions, and/or an eye-witness account, please email us at: For a listing of EEW’s team members please click here.


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Egypt Map and Stats

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Population   82,079,636
GDP  $497.8 billion
Unemployment   9%; Youth Unemployment (ages 15-24): 24.8%
Internet Users   20.136 million (2009)
Exchange Rate  5.6124 Egyptian pounds per US dollar
GDP Growth Rate  5.1%
Military Expenditures   3.4% of GDP (World Rank: 35)
Health Expenditures  6.4% of GDP (World Rank: 94)
Population Growth Rate  1.96%
Age Structure   0-14 years: 32.7%; 15-64 years: 62.8%; 65 years and over: 4.5%
Literacy   71.4%
Religious Demographics   Muslim (mostly Sunni) 90%; Coptic 9%; other Christian 1%

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