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Reports Roundup (January 26)

[The following list is a compilation of the reports, statements, and other materials featured on the Jadaliyya Reports Page this past week.]

Kuwaiti MPs Propose a New Bedoon Law reports on a newly proposed Kuwaiti law that would redefine the term "bedoon" and grant stateless individuals access to health care and education.

Arrested Bedoon Activist Goes on Hunger Strike Kuwaiti activist Abdulhakim Al-Fadhli addresses Kuwaiti citizens, the Bedoon people, and the Kuwaiti Emir with his reasons for going on hunger strike.  

Human Rights Watch Statement on Zero Dark Thirty Human Rights Watch condemns the portrayal of torture in Zero Dark Thirty, which depicts torture as an ugly but useful tactic and not acknowledging how its usage has damaged the reputation of the United States. 

European Parliament Calls for Sanctions Against Bahrain The Bahrain Center for Human Rights reports on the European Parliament's new strongly worded resolution against the ongoing human rights atrocities in Bahrain and their call for targeted sanctions. 

Palestine Refugee Family in Yemen Face Abuse Following Deportation from Saudi Arabia The Alkarama Foundation reports on the ongoing suffering of the Al-Hadad family, who were recently taken to Sana'a Central Prison without any legal proceedings.

Continued Harassment and Targeting of Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja's Family Members The Bahrain Center for Human Rights expresses its concern over the summoning of Hussain Ahmed, son-in-law of human rights defender Abdulhadi Al-Khawaja, to the Criminal Investigation Department.

Reporters Without Borders: Mourning Mothers Spokesperson to be Jailed for 6 Months Reporters Without Borders condemns the jail sentence of Mansoureh Behkish, founder of the Mourning Mothers movement in Iran, for her refusal to remain silent over cases of executed prisoners. 

BADIL Proudly Announces the Release of its Report on Palestinian National Identity BADIL's new report begins to answer the question of how Palestinian youth in Mandate Palestine, Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon identify with their ancestry.

International Foundation for Electoral Systems FAQs on Jordanian Elections The International Foundation for Electoral Systems discusses the details of the policies and procedures surrounding the Chamber of Deputies election in Jordan held 23 January.

List of Children Killed by Drone Strikes in Yemen and Pakistan Drones Watch provides the names and ages of children killed in drone strikes in Yemen and Pakistan according to the Bureau of Investigative Journalism. 

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Egypt Elections Watch Update

A Jadaliyya and Ahram Online Initiative

As part of the Egypt Elections Watch (EEW), Jadaliyya and Ahram Online, with the Center of Contemporary Arab Studies (Georgetown University) and the Middle East Studies Program (George Mason University) as co-sponsors, will produce articles/posts/profiles on a weekly basis, covering organizations, political parties, coalitions, relevant laws and procedures, and profiles of key individuals related to the Egyptian elections. This is in addition to news updates summarizing major developments surrounding the lead-up to the election, such as emerging or shifting alliances, new political positions, and candidacy announcements. If you have questions, comments, contributions, and/or an eye-witness account, please email us at: For a listing of EEW’s team members please click here.


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Egypt Map and Stats

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Population(July 2016 est.): 94,666,993
GDP($US trillions, 2016 est.)$1.105 
Unemployment: 13.1% (2016 est.); Youth Unemployment (ages 15-24): 34.3% (2013 est.)
Internet Users (/million, 2015)31.767 (35.9%)
Exchange Rate(2016 est.)$342.8 billion 
GDP Growth Rate(2016 est.)2.51% 
Military Expenditures(2015): 1.73% of GDP 
Health Expenditures (/GDP, 2014)5.6% 
Population Growth Rate (2016 est.):  2.51%
Age Structure (2016 est.)0-14 years: 33.21%; 15-24 years: 19.24%; 25-54 years: 37.47%; 55-64 years: 5.91%; 65 years and over: 4.17% 
Literacy (2016 est.): 73.8% 
Religious Demographics: Muslim (mostly Sunni) 90%; Coptic 9%; other Christian 1%